Assured secure shopping

Shopping at our online pharmacy comes with the assurance of security and safety bundled together. Your privacy protection issues are handled with our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the industry standard encryption technology that works with all standard browsers.

The Secure Sockets Layer encrypts the communication channel between you and our secure server. You can feel assured that all your private information exchanged during a credit card transaction is accorded the greatest protection.

SSL Encryption – How it really works

  • A customer contacts a site and if it’s a secure site he accesses a secured which is a page secured by a Server ID (indicated by a URL that begins with “https:” instead of just “http:” or by a message from thebrowser).
  • The server responds by automatically sending the customer the site’s digital certificate, which authenticates the site.
  • The customer’s Web browser in turn generates a unique “session key”(like a code) to encrypt all communications with the site.
  • The user’s browser encrypts the session key with the site’s public key so only site can read the session key. Depending on the browser, the customer may see a key icon becoming whole or a padlock closing, indicating that the session is secure.
  • A secure session is now established. Hence all communications will be encrypted and can only be decrypted by the two parties in the session. It all takes only seconds and requires no action by the user.

Simply said, shopping at our website is much safer than using your credit card at your local restaurant or department store.

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