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As a team of four female founders, we started Aloisia Beauty to pursue a shared passion: creating clean, effective, affordably luxurious skincare that leads to real results. We believe in high-performing formulas that can be used on all skin types, while also targeting individual concerns to help everyone and anyone achieves their dream skin.

We took the leap to develop our own brand after spending our careers building others across the fashion, celebrities, science wellness industries. As fate would have it, our friend Jacob, a scientist from South Korea, was interested in joining our mission as a founding partner and introduced us to the Korean Beauty Philosophy. Representing various ethnicities, we were already well-versed in exploring and appreciating different cultural approaches to skincare. We quickly fell in love with everything about Korean Beauty: The use of clean, proven plant-derived ingredients, the cutting-edge innovations, the core mantra of respecting the skin first and the ritual of self-care.

Our Mission

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