Diethylcarbamazine 50mg steps into the arena as a warrior against parasitic worm infections, particularly excelling in the battle against filarial infections like lymphatic filariasis and the notorious river blindness, scientifically known as onchocerciasis. By putting the squeeze on adult worms, it’s like hitting the eject button on the pesky invaders from your body.


The dosage of Diethylcarbamazine 50mg is a bit like following a recipe, with the right amount depending on how severe the infection is and how much you tip the scales. Usually taken by mouth once a day for a set time period, it’s crucial to follow this prescription to the letter to ensure you’re not inviting resistance to crash the party.


Diethylcarbamazine 50mg is the brainchild of various pharmaceutical bigwigs, each putting their own stamp on it with different brand names. It’s like a squad of chefs cooking up the same dish but adding their own secret ingredients. Stick with the reputable ones to avoid any unexpected surprises.

How to Use:

To take Diethylcarbamazine 50mg, pop it in your mouth with a swig of water, preferably with a little something in your stomach to stave off any tummy troubles. Think of it like taking your daily vitamins but with a specific purpose in mind. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to check in with your healthcare pro.

Side Effects:

Side effects of Diethylcarbamazine 50mg can be a bit of a mixed bag, including nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, and a touch of tummy upset. It’s like dealing with unwanted guests crashing your party – not ideal, but manageable. If they overstay their welcome, it’s time to call for backup.

Precautions and Warnings:

Before diving into Diethylcarbamazine 50mg, it’s essential to give your healthcare provider the lowdown on your medical history, allergies, and any other meds you’re taking. Pregnant or breastfeeding? Better to check in first to make sure you’re not stirring up any trouble.

Drug Interactions:

Diethylcarbamazine 50mg might not play nice with certain other meds, like anticoagulants or antihypertensives. It’s like introducing two characters who just don’t get along in a story – best to keep them apart. Keep your healthcare provider in the loop on all your medications to avoid any drama.

Overdose Information:

In the unlikely event of an overdose, don’t panic – just reach out for medical help pronto. Symptoms might include feeling woozy, confused, or even struggling to catch your breath. Think of it like accidentally hitting the gas pedal too hard – better to ease off before things get out of control.

Pregnancy and Lactation:

When it comes to pregnancy or breastfeeding, Diethylcarbamazine 50mg isn’t exactly the belle of the ball in terms of safety records. It’s like trying to dance around a delicate situation – best to tread carefully and consider other options under the guidance of your healthcare provider.

Quantity 100, 200, 300, 400
Manufacturer Glaxo Smithkline
Indian Brand Banocide 50mg
US Brand Name Diethylcarbamazine
Product Name Diethylcarbamazine 50mg
Dosage 50mg
Drug Type Tablets
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